Smartroof: Improving our Service to Customers

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At Smartroof, our customers drive everything we do. In an effort to improve our offering we have taken a number of steps this year to bring our service into line with the needs and expectations of our customer base. With our new Site Support Packs, Installation App and our various engagements with the NHBC, we are committed to improved products and an enhanced experience for all.

Our new Site Support Packs have been designed with our house builders in mind. With each stage of the Smartroof process being covered meticulously, from the call-off process right through to post installation checks and after sales support, the Site Pack gives support to the house builder throughout the entire process, ensuring smooth running of delivery & installation of our products.

Designed for installation teams, the Smartroof Companion App provides instant access to comprehensive product information – from utility tools to installation videos. With an intuitive interface, the Smartroof App offers technical data and product features across the entire Smartroof product range. The app also features YouTube-hosted “How To” videos, illustrating the most practical application and best use of Smartroof products and materials, technologies and systems. The App is currently being rolled out across our installation teams in an effort to ensure the process runs smoothly and to provide consistency across our build process.

In an effort to continue to improve our health & safety procedures and to ensure compliance we have recently hosted a number of visits from the NHBC at our factory in Swadlincote. These visits have afforded us the opportunity to showcase our product portfolio and to gain any feedback from the NHBC as to our manufacturing process. This series of meetings was a very positive experience and we received strong feedback at each opportunity.

Smart Suite Shortlisted for Offsite Construction Award

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Smart Suite Shortlisted for Offsite Construction Award


Smartroof is delighted to announce it has been shortlisted for the Product Innovation Award at this year’s Offsite Construction Awards. The ceremony, which will be held on 13th June at Blackfriars in London, will celebrate the best in precision building design and delivery. The Awards will reward outstanding examples of prefabrication and factory-based methods, products, systems and disciplines that increasingly strive to develop a sustainable, streamlined and cost-effective way to deliver a better built environment.

Smartroof’s entry for this category has been focused around the ‘Smart Suite’; a purpose-built, reusable marketing suite for the house builder to provide the critical first impression for potential house buyers. The Smart Suite provides an ideal location in which to showcase the house types on offer in a particular development.

Built in a factory environment, the product benefits from all the advantages of offsite construction and can eliminate many of the issues a house builder can experience with selling in the early stages of a development. Traditionally built marketing suites can be a slow build process and can delay the beginning of marketing and ultimately sales activity. A traditional build is also often required to be knocked down and rebuilt elsewhere on the site, making the process more expensive and labour intensive. Ultimately the Smart Suite helps the builder get on site faster and build and sell their houses more quickly and is an important innovation given the well documented housing crisis facing the UK construction industry.

Smartroof Recognised at Construction News Specialists Awards

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Smartroof Recognised at Construction News Specialists Awards

Smartroolf team pictured with Construction News AwardWe are delighted to announce The Keystone Group has won ‘Materials Supplier of the Year’ at the Construction News Awards ceremony held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane on 22nd March. The judges were extremely complimentary about the achievements of the company. In their press release, Construction News commented:

‘The judges were blown away with The Keystone Group, describing the firm as a worthy winner of this year’s award for Materials Supplier of the Year – a brilliant business which ticked all of the boxes. We were impressed with Keystone’s real innovation across a wide range of products. These all led to improvements and cost savings in the businesses that used them. It is clear that Keystone is a company always looking to better itself and the welfare and skills of its workers and those it supplies.’

The Construction News Awards are the only national awards for specialist contractors and the winners represent the best of the best in the UK construction industry. The Keystone Group were praised for their innovation across the group companies, with Hi-therm lintels and the Keylite insulated collar singled out for particular praise. The judges also described IG Masonry Support’s brick slip system as a ‘particularly ingenious solution to a common problem.’ The commitment to health & safety and efficiency was also commended through the use of Smartroof’s pre-insulated roof panel systems and the GRP components provided by IG Elements.

Speaking of the win, The Keystone Group’s CEO Eithne Kelly commented, ‘we are thrilled to accept this award for Materials Supplier of the Year from Construction News. To have been recognised in this way at such a prestigious event has been an honour for us and we are delighted that each of the companies within our group has been singled out for individual praise by the judges. At The Keystone Group we are constantly seeking to innovate, enhance and improve our procedures, manufacturing processes, customer focus and ultimately our products, and this award provides important recognition of each of these.’

Smartroof Launch House Builder Marketing Suite System

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Smartroof Launch House Builder Marketing Suite System

Marketing Suite David Wilson HomesYou never get a second chance to make a great first impression, so the first experience of a development can make all the difference.

Smartroof has developed a reusable, purpose-built marketing suite to provide the all-important first impression for potential house buyers. This is an ideal location to showcase the house types on offer in a particular development.

Currently, a major problem for house builders is that most marketing suites need to be knocked down after use, or else the building needs to be over-specified as a garage to allow for a marketing suite. In this instance, the marketing suite then needs to be transformed back into a garage, incurring overspending due to expensive brickwork installed after the suite is removed.

The Smartroof solution is a factory built timber frame structure that can be erected in a matter of hours onsite, with the house builder then finishing to their particular specification. The speed of construction provided by Smartroof is of great benefit allowing sales to be made before construction on the rest of the site has even started. Moreover, the complete structure can be converted into a garage or dismantled and erected onto another site, allowing the sales process to begin much more quickly and improving efficiency for the builder. For more information on the marketing suite, check out the installation videos here or email

Smartroof Awarded for Innovation Excellence at Structural Timber Awards

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Smartroof Product Innovation

Smartroof is delighted to have its commitment to innovation recognised by winning the ‘Product Innovation Award’ category for the thermally advanced Prism roof panel system at the Structural Timber Awards.

The awards were held on the 19th October at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham and hosted by Mark Durden Smith. The awards showcase innovation, celebrate best practice and recognise expertise in timber technology and the ways it contributes to an attractive, energy efficient and sustainable built environment.

Smartroof’s R&D team have worked tirelessly to produce a safer, faster and more cost effective method of room in roof construction that guarantees the benefits of site safety, thermal performance and speed of construction, all whilst locking in cost-certainty at a fixed supply and fit price.

Comprised of interlocking, hinged SIP panels, Prism helps create a stronger, quieter, more airtight and energy efficient home. Less air leakage means less drafts, fewer noise penetrations and significantly lower energy bills. Ultimately, Smartroof has simplified the design and build process of room in roof construction for its customers whilst creating a thermally efficient, comfortable living space for the homeowner.

Installed in hours not days, Prism offers a consistent thermal performance as low as 0.09W/m2k which can be computer modelled to facilitate any specific enhancements allowing design freedom from an early stage in the project.

Smartroof’s Managing Director, Peter Nordon commented on the win, “Innovation is a core value of our business, we are constantly developing new construction solutions to shape the housing sector and benefit our customers. We are delighted to have received this prestigious award that reflects our dedication to this.”

Smartroof Wins at Build It Awards 2016

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We are proud to announce that Smartroof’s Classic Room-in-Roof panel system has picked up the award for ‘Best Cladding/Roofing System or Product’ on Thursday 22nd of September at the glittering 2016 Build It Awards ceremony, which took place at The Hilton, London Bankside.

This innovative roof system is produced offsite and installed in less than a day to deliver major benefits to our customers in terms of site safety, thermal performance, quality assurance and speed of construction. Consequently, the numbers of hours working at height are dramatically reduced, while the risk of falling blockwork, use of power tools in confined spaces, and manual handling of steels is completely eliminated. Like all Smartroof products, the Classic system arrives in a single load, reducing materials handling and vehicle movements on site.

A unique feature of Smartroof’s Classic system is that, it is the only panel system on the market that runs gable to gable. This effectively means the end user has a clear open space within their attic to configure whatever way they wish as they are not constrained by supporting walls.

Peter Nordon, Smartroof’s Managing Director commented, “We are absolutely thrilled to have received this award that recognises roofing excellence. At Smartroof we have listened to our customers and worked hard to develop an innovative system that overcomes the risks associated with traditional roof construction.”

Mansard Made Easy

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Mansard Roof - Smartroof

The Mansard roof is a 17th century architectural design, found on some of the most influential properties in Europe. However, Smartroof’s innovative design team have brought complex room in roof configuration into the 21st century and made it readily available for use in domestic properties.

The mansard design principles allow house builders to maximise the use of the interior space in the attic as well as offering a simple way to add one or more storeys to an existing or new building. In some cases this can be achieved without the use of masonry.

Comprised of Smartroof’s thermally advanced pre-insulated panels and supported using superior strength Ketro and FJI Beams, this revolutionary system further demonstrates the versatility of Smartroof’s product offering and their willingness to create new innovations for their customers.

During a recent installation for a Taylor Wimpey site in Dartford, Smartroof’s highly qualified team installed six Mansard roofs in only 12 hours. Taylor Wimpey’s Production Manager, Roy Taylor, commented: “I was very pleased with the product and service provided by Smartroof and found the process to be really straightforward and well managed from start to finish.”

Smartroof Shortlisted for Build It Award 2016

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Smartroof Shortlisted for Build It Award 2016

Smartroof is delighted to announce that our revolutionary ‘Room in roof system’ has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Cladding/Roofing System or Product’ category at the 2016 Build lt Awards.
Build It Awards 2016 Logo

Manufactured offsite, the Smartroof system is produced in a factory controlled environment to create a locked-in price and cost certainty for the builder. Moreover, as the roof can be supplied as a single subcontracted item at a fixed price, it compares favourably to the traditional build route which requires multiple materials, trades and hire-services: all with the ability to over run on cost.

Chris Pearce, Smartroof’s General Manager commented, “Smartroof has worked hard to develop a system that overcomes the risks associated with traditional roof construction, as well as addressing the key issues our customers face, so we are naturally delighted to be shortlisted in this particular category.”

The Build It Awards, in association with BuildStore, celebrate all aspects of self-building and renovation; including completed projects, services and suppliers. The awards bring together architects, manufacturers and key industry figures in recognition of innovation and excellence in the custom home sector.

Focus on Offsite: An interview with Smartroof’s Peter Nordon

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Peter Nordon SmartroofPolitical pressures to construct affordable quality housing have prompted moves towards prefabrication. With the UK requiring 250,000 new homes to be built each year to meet demand and just 141,000 built last year, offsite construction offers a clear solution.

We spoke to Peter Nordon, Managing Director at Smartroof, to find out what the Smartroof system can offer to builders.

What is Smartroof?

Smartroof is a panelised roofing system aimed at national and large regional house builders. It’s an ideal solution for volume building and those house builders who use similar house types and build in multiples.

What are the key benefits to the house builder?

The key benefits to the house builder are that we can give them certainty on cost and because we build in a factory we can guarantee the thermal efficiency of the roof. There are also significant health and safety benefits because we reduce the time spent working at heights and overall we radically alter the speed of construction.

“We are typically reducing the build time on the roof, down from 12 days to 1 day”

We can work on supply only or supply and fit as an additional option where we take entire responsibility from delivery of the roof to the actual installation including arranging lifting plans and finally installation.

What challenges are Smartroof solving in the market place?

Labour seems to be a huge challenge – the availability of a qualified tradesman. The construction industry hasn’t yet fully recovered from the recession, there hasn’t been enough apprentices coming through so there’s a major skills shortage. By transferring all the work in-house and offsite we can reduce the builder’s reliance on skilled labour.

How does Smartroof affect the Part L performance?

One of the benefits of our product being produced offsite is that we can guarantee the thermal performance of our product and we can do in-house thermal modelling so we know exactly what our roofs achieve and we know from our customers exactly what they are trying to achieve.

What is different about Smartroof?

The unique thing about Smartroof is that we are the only panel system that runs gable to gable. This effectively means the house builder has a clear open space within the attic to configure whatever way they wish. They are not constrained by any supporting walls.

What’s new in Smartroof?

We are focusing on innovation now to drive the thermal performance of the roof even higher to meet future regulations. Our Prism programme will deliver these enhancements but we don’t intend to launch them until 2018 when we see demand coming on stream for higher performance solutions. However in cases which currently require higher levels of performance we can offer the new Smartroof SIP roof which has been developed as part of the Prism programme.

What type of projects benefit most from a Smartroof?

Projects with large build programmes, and those on a tight deadline will benefit greatly as Smartroof can guarantee a quick turnaround.

What’s next for Smartroof?

Why not a Smart house! We are developing floor cassettes for the second floor level to be installed at the same time as the Smartroof. We are also investigating other factory built structures that we could combine into a comprehensive offsite house solution. We already have a crane and an installer team onsite for the roof installation so additional components could be installed quickly, making it easier again for the builder.

Is there anything else you think house builders need to know about Smartroof?

Come and speak to us, we have significant design capabilities and can look at different roofing solutions, in fact we have orders in for a new mansard Smartroof which is a first for us. Despite being a challenging design we are confident that our system will deliver the same advantages to the builder in a mansard format also.

Smartroof Appoints New Business Development Manager

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Smartroof Appoints New Business Development Manager

Steve Clark Smartroof

Smartroof Ltd, a leading panelised roof system manufacturer has taken on a new recruit to support its growing business in the North & Midlands Regions. Steve Clark has joined Smartroof in the role of Business Development Manager and brings with him 14 years’ experience within the construction industry. Within his new role Steve will be responsible for developing new business and achieving sales targets, to constantly improve Smartroof’s market position in line with the sales & group strategy.

Steve joins Smartroof from Ancon Building Products where he was a Technical Services Engineer and, previous to that Steve worked for Laver Timber Systems (Arnold Laver Ltd) where he designed roof trusses and engineered floor components as well as managing major house builder accounts.

Peter Nordon, Managing Director of Smartroof commented: “Steve’s appointment is a strategic development which will enable us to meet the demand of our growing business.”