Eaves to Ridge

The Eaves to Ridge Smartroof system is a modular roof system, engineered to ensure optimum performance to satisfy, structural, thermal and fire rating requirements.

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Standard Details


Eaves to Ridge System

This modular roof system is typically used where the span from gable to gable is too wide to accommodate. This roof, similar to the gable to gable panels, can also be designed to achieve specific U-values required by the house builder.

The Eaves to Ridge roof incorporates a timber or steel ridge beam (Ridge Support System) and/or immediate purlins (Purlin Support System) running from gable to gable.

Ridge Support System

This type of roof support system includes either a timber beam, as detailed in exploded view, or steel beam at the ridge. The roof panels are connected to this beam via a patented bracket system to aid speed of installation.

Purlin Support System

The Eaves to Ridge roof will be value engineered to determine whether a Ridge Support or a Purlin Support System is the optimum solution. The Purlin Support System includes intermediate steels spanning gable to gable (as shown on the standard detail).


Bevelled Wall Plates

Eaves Stems

Factory fitted to roof panels

Pre-insulated Roof Panels

Factory manufactured to achieve specific U-values and structural requirements

Dormer Boards

Ladder Runs

Facilitate safe installation

Box Girder Truss

Incorporating factory fitted patented bracket system

Gable Ladders

Factory manufactured

Wall Plate

Prefitted by builder on all sides of plot

Spandrel Panel

Factory manufactured pre-insulated panels designed to satisfy U-value and fire rating requirements

Standard Details

The Smartroof insulated roofing system comes with an approved list of standard details covering all junctions and connections required.