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Arkall Farm



Unique Curved Roof Structure with

Timber Dormers and Enhanced U-Values


Davidsons Homes

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Smartroof, a leader in offsite manufactured modular ‘room in roof’ systems has successfully completed a remarkable new housing project in Staffordshire. This project showcases Smartroof’s expertise in overcoming design challenges to deliver a unique curved roof structure that perfectly complements the development’s centrepiece row of terraced homes.


The Arkall Farm development near Tamworth is being built by Davidsons Homes and features a range of two, three, four and five bedroom homes. The developer selected Smartroof’s panelised ‘room in roof’ system, recognising the need for an innovative roofing solution that would seamlessly integrate with the architectural design of their development. The Smartroof team’s commitment to excellence and problem-solving skills led to the successful realisation of this ambitious project.

The most significant challenge for Smartroof was the curvature of the row of terraced homes, which required a bespoke curved roof structure. Smartroof’s design engineer collaborated closely with the housebuilder’s technical team, presenting the case for Smartroof’s suitability for the project. Davidsons Homes embraced Smartroof’s proposal, marking a significant milestone for both companies.


In order to create a curved roof for a curved brickwork structure, Smartroof manipulated the curvature in the design phase while maintaining open communication with the installation team. The process required precision and coordination to achieve the desired outcome with a valley infill needed due to different ridge lines.


The development’s bespoke design also featured a flat over garage (FOG) carport area leading to a carpark. To accommodate this design, Smartroof recommended completing the brickwork before installing the roof, ensuring a seamless integration of the Smartroof system.

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This was a challenging curved roof application but the results were impressive. Our collaboration with the Smartroof design team ensured their high performance ‘room in roof’ system accommodated the curvature of the roof. We look forward to working with Smartroof on future developments.

Alex Playfair 
Davidsons Homes 

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Throughout the project, Smartroof’s design team worked closely with the contracts team to ensure the design transitioned effectively to installation. The timber dormers and plastics required to fit the curve were supplied by Smartroof, further demonstrating the company’s capabilities.


Smartroof’s offsite manufactured modular ‘room in roof’ system offers a holistic roofing solution for housebuilders and developers. Comprising various factory-produced panels, including insulated roof panels, spandrel wall panels, dormers, roof windows, and more, the Smartroof system is designed to maximise a new home’s potential by creating functional rooms in roofs. This approach leads to reduced waste, enhanced quality control, improved safety during installation, and increased efficiency in home construction.

Working closely with the Davidsons Homes team on a complex project such as this is hugely rewarding and the final result is testament to this collaborative approach. The Davidsons Homes team did a fantastic job building these homes enabling the Smartroof team to really make them stand out with an innovative and stunning curved roof.

Jonny Cox
National Sales Manager for Smartroof 

The Arkall Farm project showcases the advantages of Smartroof’s system in terms of time savings and superior quality. By utilising the offsite fabrication of roofs, Smartroof estimated that up to 6-8 weeks of installation time were saved when compared to traditional onsite roof construction methods.


The success of the Davidsons Homes Arkall Farm project underscores Smartroof’s commitment to innovation and its ability to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique challenges of each project. By partnering with Smartroof, Davidsons Homes not only achieved a distinctive curved roof design but also contributed to the evolution of modern construction practices.


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