The Claremont Garden Centre project in Woodham Mortimer

Smartroof, a leading innovator in offsite manufactured modular roofing solutions, has successfully completed a groundbreaking project at Claremont Garden Centre in Essex. Overcoming unique challenges posed by the project’s size and requirements, Smartroof’s ‘room in roof’ system has been employed to create a stunning new cafe, office, staff room, and greenhouse, revolutionising the possibilities of modern commercial construction.

The Claremont Garden Centre project in Woodham Mortimer marked an exciting milestone for Smartroof, as it was their first venture into the commercial sector and the first time the company has installed its panelised roofing system to a steel portal frame instead of masonry. Partnering with architectural firm Acanthus and client English Auberge, Smartroof demonstrated their expertise and adaptability, providing an exceptional roofing solution for this new multi-use garden centre building.

From the outset, Smartroof engaged with the architect and client, understanding their vision and design requirements. Armed with the initial designs, Smartroof’s experienced design team analysed the building’s steel structure in detail. Drawing on their expertise and recommendations, Smartroof collaboratively enhanced the designs, incorporating their ‘room in roof’ system seamlessly into the architectural vision.


The scale

The project’s scale presented a remarkable feat for Smartroof, leading them to manufacture their largest panelised roof panels to date – each an impressive 13 meters long. Rigorous planning and precision during the design and manufacturing stages ensured a smooth process for both the factory and logistics, ultimately resulting in a flawless installation. Smartroof’s commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction was evident throughout the project. The installation, which took only two days, was completed with remarkable speed and professionalism. Smartroof’s dedication to delivering on time and meeting project requirements played a pivotal role in the project’s success.

In addition, the interlocking design of the system makes it ideal for housebuilders adopting a fabric first approach. Production of the system in a factory-controlled environment ensures consistent and predictable thermal performance. With the latest changes to Part L of the Building Regulations, Smartroof’s factory insulated panels eliminate voids or cold spots and offer design flexibility as insulation levels can be easily upgraded to meet requirements.

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The Smartroof system offers a complete roofing solution for builders and developers seeking to unlock a building’s full potential by creating functional spaces within the roof space. Comprising a series of factory-produced panels, including insulated roof panels, spandrel wall panels as well as dormers, roof windows, decorative chimneys, soffit, and fascia where required the system is expertly delivered and craned into place on-site. Once in place, the roofs only require roof tiling, significantly reducing waste and ensuring better quality control during construction. Moreover, the Smartroof system aligns with the industry’s demands for innovative solutions that drive efficiency and elevate the standard of modern housing and commercial construction.

Smartroof’s offsite fabrication facility provides a controlled environment that enables the technical team to achieve the architect’s vision with millimetre precision in both cutting and fabrication. Manufactured at the Smartroof factory in Derbyshire, the prefabricated panel system was skillfully delivered and installed by the Smartroof team, ensuring a seamless and high-quality roofing solution for Claremont Garden Centre. In an era demanding faster construction methods and heightened energy efficiency, the offsite fabrication of roofs by Smartroof at Claremont Garden Centre delivered substantial benefits to all stakeholders. From improved health and safety to accelerated construction speed, and exceptional quality control, Smartroof’s innovative solution was tailored to this bespoke design and resulted in estimated savings of up to three weeks when compared to traditional onsite methods of roof construction.

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Commenting on the project, Ian Dean Operations Director at Smartoof said:  “At Smartroof, we take immense pride in delivering cutting-edge roofing solutions that are custom-tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. Our collaboration, along with our vast design and fabrication experience, played a pivotal role in the success of the Claremont Garden Centre project. With a genuine passion for efficiency and an unwavering pursuit of perfection, we are the ideal partner when it comes to the creation of superior quality buildings.”


For Smartroof, the big challenge was the curve and how to make straight timber appear as if it is effectively bending. In addition, the gable roofs on these terraced houses had a triangular apex projection on the front elevation which also necessitated a curved design. To achieve this onsite would have been a huge technical challenge for the joinery contractors, however the controlled environment of the Smartroof offsite fabrication facility meant the technical team could achieve the architect’s design with millimetre precision both in terms of cutting and fabrication.

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Smartroof is a pioneering company in the offsite manufactured modular roofing industry. Committed to innovation and excellence, Smartroof offers bespoke ‘room in roof’ solutions that optimise space and deliver enhanced construction efficiency. With a dedicated account management team, Smartroof ensures seamless communication and project coordination, providing the perfect roofing solution for any requirement.

Claremont Garden Centre