Gable to Gable

A Gable to Gable Smartroof system is an insulated roofing system incorporating a panelised cassette that spans from spandrel to spandrel.

For wide roofs please view eaves to ridge.

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Standard Details



Gable to Gable System

Where there is a relatively short span, our roof panels are installed ‘Gable to Gable’. The roof panels are landed horizontally, and are supported by the two gable spandrel panels.

Smartroof’s insulated roofing system utilises a unique patented design and engineering system that facilitates this installation process which has the following benefits.


Vaulted Ceilings

Spanning gable to gable provides flexibility in design and the option to utilise more roof space by incorporating vaulted ceilings. Due to the panels being supported by the two gable ends, there is no requirement for internal support such as glulams / steels / box girders.

Safe Installation

The first roof panels are installed at the eaves which adds extra bracing to the overall structure between spandrels as soon as they are landed.

Speed of Installation

Typically there would only be 3 panels on each side of the roof (eaves panel, dormer or roof window panel and ridge panel), this enables a fast installation with reduced lifts required onsite.


Bevelled Wall Plates

Eaves Stems

Factory fitted to roof panels

Pre-insulated Spandrel Panels

Factory manufactured to achieve specific U-values and structural requirements

Dormer Boards

Ladder Runs

Facilitate safe installation

Gable Ladders

Factory manufactured

Wall Plate

Prefitted by builder on all sides of plot

Dormer Roof Panel

Eaves Roof Panel

Ridge Roof Panel

Standard Details

The Smartroof insulated roofing system comes with an approved list of standard details covering all junctions and connections required. Please see below an example of the Smartroof party wall detail.