Enhancing service in an age of accountability

Smartroof roof panel systemIn a housing industry where quality is at the forefront of customer satisfaction, Smartroof has engaged in a number of new initiatives which demonstrate its commitment to achieving the highest standards onsite.

Production at Smartroof has been at an all-time high throughout 2017 and with the well documented skills shortage providing a challenge to UK house builders, it certainly looks like more and more will be looking towards offsite systems and components in the coming year.

The many advantages of Smartroof’s ‘room-in-roof’ panelised system are most appealing to those building multiples of the same house types, where a degree of repetition secures production efficiencies. The move away from traditional roof structures towards these more efficient panelised systems has been the logical step for many national and large regional house builders.

To facilitate the increase in demand, Smartroof has increased its production capacity at its Cwmbran and Swadlincote factories and output has now tripled.

Setting new standards

Offsite is a relatively new concept for many house builders so Smartroof’s focus is on establishing systems which take the exacting quality standards set in the factory and transfer them to the site during handling and installation.

By engaging with the NHBC’s technical team, the company has identified the most important points in the construction process which should be validated for effective quality management, providing traceability and compliance with best installation practice.

The first initiative is a detailed Customer Support Pack containing every detail required to manage and record an effective installation. This ensures that installation teams are fully briefed on the correct processes, guiding them to an energy efficient conclusion.

The new Smartroof Customer Support Pack has been designed with house builders in mind. With each stage of the Smartroof process being covered meticulously, from the call-off process right through to post installation checks and after sales support, the Customer Pack gives support to the house builder throughout the entire process, ensuring the smooth running of delivery and installation of Smartroof products.

In addition, a new mobile app is available as a companion to the Support Pack which allows the compliance reports to be completed on screen for convenience during installation rather than a paper form. The app will automatically update a database of site specific records so compliance reports are safe and secure.

Effective support

Designed for installation teams, the Smartroof app provides instant access to comprehensive product information – from utility tools to installation videos. With an intuitive interface, the Smartroof app offers technical data and product features across the entire Smartroof product range. The app also features YouTube-hosted “How To” videos, illustrating the most practical application and best use of Smartroof products and materials.

Most importantly, the app allows real-time correspondence with the Internal Sales Support Team, meaning reporting facilities are tightened and issues can be resolved instantaneously. The app is currently being rolled out across Smartroof installation teams including those from house builder customers who have been trained by technical experts to become Smartroof Registered Installers.

Maintaining effective Health & Safety procedures onsite remains a priority for the business, and to further promote best practice, Smartroof has recently hosted a number of visits from the NHBC at its Swadlincote production facility. These visits also provided the opportunity to gain valuable feedback from the NHBC boosting the company’s awareness of the changing needs of its members working within the NHBC’s own certification process.