What does 2019 hold for the Construction Industry? Rob Greaves St Modwen Homes

rob greaves st modwens homesWhat does 2019 hold for the construction industry? Rob Greaves, Senior Technical Manager at St Modwen Homes explains their ambitions for growth in 2019, delivering a new approach to the house building industry and how they are investing in their staff to help achieve this growth.

We are continuing into 2019 with growth of 20-25% across our operation. There are many challenges to deliver this growth as we operate over a vast geographical area.

However, we have plans in place to assist us with these challenges and we feel confident that our targets are achievable. The strength and knowledge of our existing staff will continue to play a key part along with ensuring that we supplement teams whilst also nurturing talent and progressing our ‘’growing our own’’ program which focuses on training and progression.

Our subcontractors and suppliers are a key focus for us and we have rolled out action plans that will allow us to build solid relationships based on mutual trust and performance, with an aim of becoming the client of choice for our supply chain.

We are also focused on the whole customer journey and have recently employed a Customer Experience Director, Clair Bacchus, to help deliver a new approach to the house building industry.