Mansard Made Easy

Mansard Roof - Smartroof

The Mansard roof is a 17th century architectural design, found on some of the most influential properties in Europe. However, Smartroof’s innovative design team have brought complex room in roof configuration into the 21st century and made it readily available for use in domestic properties.

The mansard design principles allow house builders to maximise the use of the interior space in the attic as well as offering a simple way to add one or more storeys to an existing or new building. In some cases this can be achieved without the use of masonry.

Comprised of Smartroof’s thermally advanced pre-insulated panels and supported using superior strength Ketro and FJI Beams, this revolutionary system further demonstrates the versatility of Smartroof’s product offering and their willingness to create new innovations for their customers.

During a recent installation for a Taylor Wimpey site in Dartford, Smartroof’s highly qualified team installed six Mansard roofs in only 12 hours. Taylor Wimpey’s Production Manager, Roy Taylor, commented: “I was very pleased with the product and service provided by Smartroof and found the process to be really straightforward and well managed from start to finish.”